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Shelf-life Studies

Importance of Shelf life Evaluation of your Products

As an increasing number of new foods compete for space on supermarket shelves, the words “speed and innovation” have become the watchwords for food companies seeking to become “first to market” with successful products to keep the company in an excellent competitive position. However, the consumer perceives the product as the “Ultimate measure of total quality” & is thus of paramount importance to this competitive posture. Therefore, the quality built in during the development and production process must last through the distribution and consumption stages. Shelf-life studies can provide important information to product developers enabling them to ensure that the consumer will see a high-quality product for a significant period of time after production. Of course, long shelflife studies do not fit with the speed requirement and therefore accelerated studies have been developed as part of innovation.

How can ANACON help?

Know the “Best Before Date” of your Food or Cosmetic Product through a tailormade Shelf life design program at ANACON which comprises of Standard Shelf life studies & Accelerated shelf life studies too, in which quality changes caused by Test conditions are evaluated at specific sampling durations and are evaluated through quality analysis testing and microbial Safety Analysis, Sensory Evaluation, Data analysis etc.

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