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Water Testing

Physico-chemical, as well as Microbiological analysis of Water for all parameters as per, IS specifications for following categories can be done at Anacon using Standard/ Validated methods.

    • Drinking Water (Potable & Domestic water)
    • Packaged Drinking Water
    • Natural Mineral Water
    • Ground (Wells, Borewells etc)/Surface Water(Rivers, Canals, Ponds etc.)
    • Boiler Feed Water
    • Construction purpose Water
    • Waste Water(Industrial/Domestic)
    • Swimming Pools Water
    • Reagent grade Water
    • Industrial/Cooling purpose water
    • Trace metal elements in Water
    • Distilled / Demineralized Water
    • Pesticide residues in Water
    • Pathogens in WaterTreatability studies for Water Treatment
    • Treatability studies for Water Treatment
    • Water Quality Monitoring & Surveillance of Urban & Rural Water distribution Network & design & development of Web-based Software for the efficient control of Water distribution network.

Water Quality

    • Water Quality Monitoring
    • Water Sampling & Analysis
    • Water-flow Studies
    • Discharges & Effluent Characterization
    • Waste Water sampling & analysis
    • Performance study of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) & Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)
    • Dioxins & Furans in water.

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