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Need of Cement Testing

Need of Cement Testing
  • Cement has existed since times immemorial and has changed the landscape of many cities. In this time and age of modernization, cement paves the road towards bringing the architectural change in the way the change in ‘simulation of construction project’ is taking place.
  • Modern construction solutions like BIM and 4D & 5D visualization have made a significant shift in the construction domain works. These solutions have brought a new perspective and have pushed us in thinking beyond our imagination. The approach and the technique are indeed modern, but that one element, which still holds together the visualization technique with its execution is- cement.
Need of Cement Testing
  • No matter how large or small a project is or how old-style or modern the approach is- cement in every which way still stands to be the prominent ingredient (which cannot be compromised with). The quality of cement, therefore, plays a very important role in construction, and the tests applied on it provide great help to the contractors and engineers in determining the fineness, soundness, setting time, and strength of the cement.

Cement TestingAt Anacon Laboratories

Cement Testing At Anacon Laboratories
  • Cement is a combination of calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron and other common ingredients like limestone, shells, chalk etc. The cement that is used in construction has to meet certain standards. And these standards are tested on the basis of their chemical and physical properties.
  • Some commonly tested physical and chemical parametersfor cement tested are CaO, MgO, SO3, Sulfur trioxide, Ferric oxide, Alumina, Silica etc.

Why Choose Anacon For Cement Testing ?

  • Over the years, Anacon Laboratories has gained vast experience in cement testing. Our professionals are well-versed in rendering services as per the requirement. We have been operational in the testing industry for about two decades, and our uncompromising work ethos and diligent team are to be credited for this long and impeccable journey. Our team takes into account every tiny detail, and we have also got state-of-the-art technology set in place at our laboratory. We follow stringent guidelines set by the regulatory bodies to deliver flawless test results.
  • Cement holds an effective role in structuring and re-structuring a construction model, therefore it is must for the cement to have certain given qualities in it. Understanding the gravity of its usage, we, at Anacon Laboratories check the cement by performing both chemical and physical tests. We ensure that our test result complies with all industry specifications.

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