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Waste Water Treatment Projects

Anacon Laboratories has been appointed by the Government of India as its official partner for the Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater treatment plants since the year 2012.

Anacon undertakes the projects related to :

  • Wastewater treatment technology (anaerobic and aerobic); treatment processes (pretreatment, biological treatment, and polishing of effluent); management, operation, maintenance and quality control of (large) wastewater treatment plants.
  • Water Quality Monitoring, Surveillance, Maintenance & Control of Municipal / RuralWater Distribution Systems, Water Sources & Ensuring the Potability of water & disinfection.
  • Design & Development of Web-based Software for efficient management & control of water distribution systems thereby raising the level of reliability of Water Distribution systems.
  • Evaluation & Upgradation of Drinking Water Plants/Effluent Treatment Plants/ Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Anacon is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Laboratories for the Quality Management System & Accuracy in Measurements as per International standards – IS 17025:2005 for the following categories of Water.Drinking Water(Ground & Surface), Boiler Feed Water, Packaged Mineral Water, Natural Mineral Water, Water for Swimming Pools, Reagent Water.
  • Concept to commissioning of Biogas plants

Anacon Laboratories had contributed towards evaluation ETP/STP of various industries which includes the erection of ETP/STP. The drinking water treatment plants have been evaluated for drinking water quality. The list of the projects undertaken for these activities are as under :

Note: At present we are doing O&M at four locations for STP’s on round the clock basis. We have commissioned site lab for spot tests & our chemists and operators are deployed on round the clock basis. All the three site are accredited by ISO 14001 highest voluntary standard for Environment and Anacon have advised to management on STP O & M system as per ISO 14001. At Lafarge India Ltd., Sonadih, Raipur Anacon Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., is operating and maintaining pump house having a capacity of 6000 KL/day. Drinking water quality satisfies BIS 10500 / ISO 18001 norms. The treated water is supplied to the colony, cement plant, and mine.
Sr.No.Project ProponentProject Details & Plant Cap.Study Details
1Lafarge India Pvt. Ltd., ACP Bilaspur400 KL/day Colony STPPlant design, erection, commissioning ; O & M
2Larsen & Toubro Ltd.,Hirmi, Raipur400 KL/day Colony STPFeasibility studies, upgradation,Energy Audit
3Grasim Cement, Raipur300 KL/day STPO & M (ongoing)
4The Associated Cement Co. Ltd., Kymore, M.P.400 KL/day Colony STPFeasibility study of existing STP and proposed modifications
5Lafarge India Pvt. Ltd., SCP, Raipur3000 KL/dayDrinking water pump house, O&M, plant upgradation, water quality checks - Ozone dosing
6Lafarge India Pvt. Ltd., SCP, Raipur550 KL/daySTP O & M (ongoing)
7Prakash Industries Ltd., Champa, CG - An integrated steel plant7000 KL/dayWater quality survey and plant design for recycling of waste water ; Water balance studies
8Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd., Sausar Dist Chhindwada650 KL/dayFeasibility study for upgrading design of existing ETP - Water balance studies
9Ultra Tech Cement Ltd., ACW, Chandrapur100, 300, 1100 KL/daySTP designing, with tertiary treatment ; O & M
10Force Motors Ltd., (Bajaj Tempo Ltd.,) Pithampur250 KL/ day STP 300 KL /day ETPEvaluation of existing STP & ETP and upgradation
11Ultra Tech Cement Ltd., ACW, Chandrapur2400 KL / dayDrinking water analysis and consultancy for existing pump house upgadation - Water Audit
12Prakash Industries, Raipur200 KL /daySurvey and plant design for water recycling
13Prakash Industries, Kashipur Uttaranchal200 KL / daySurvey and plant design for water treatment
14Ellora Paper Mills Limited, Nagpur750 KL/dayEvaluation of ETP and Optimization of chemical dozes
15Pinnacle Industries Ltd., PthampurEvaluation of STP and ETP
16Vidarbha Cricket Association, Jamtha, NGPRSTP 75 KL/dWTP 25 KL/dDesigning and SupervisionDesigning of drinking water plant

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