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Geology & Hydrogeology Projects

The purpose of the hydrogeological /geophysical survey (as required by the Water Resources Management Authority) is to explore the possibility of identifying a groundwater source for any Water Supply Project. The studies aim at evaluating the groundwater situation as it is, through collecting any available relevant data (e.g. drilling logs), evaluating data from the surrounding boreholes, carrying out field geophysical measurements and reviewing any available previous survey report to form the hydrogeological geophysical survey report which will be in accordance with the clients preferences and the new regulations from the Water Resources Management Authority. It is also worth to note that unlike in the past, it is now required by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment for any borehole drilling project. The consultant has therefore covered this aspect in details below, together with other other consultancy services pertaining to the later drilling stage such as drilling supervision works. Anacon undertakes Environmental Impact Assessment report preparation along with Hydrogeological studies of the specific site.

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