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Need of Fugitive Emission Testing Labs in India

Fugitive Emissions Testing
  • Every cement and limestone manufacturing site tends to produce a large number of particulates in the form of dust. We refer to these minute pollutants as fugitive emissions, which are generated in every construction, limestone, and coal extraction projects. Similarly, the emission of methane from coal mining & handling activities is also labelled as fugitive emission.
  • The fugitive emissions may not appear as a threat in the first glace, but it is very harmful to human health and the environment, both. With the growing concern of health, protection agencies have now become more stringent with the regulations around such cement and mining projects. In order to decrease the impact these projects have on human health and surrounding, the
Fugitive Emissions Testing

industry. It is mandatory to analyze the composition and quality of the soil before any construction can take place on it.

Fugitive Emission Sources

  • Pollutants (in form of dust and gas) from various sources contain a wide range of particle sizes and material types. They may not appear as an obvious hazard to the workers outside the site or within the site boundary, but they do carry with them hazardous elements that cause ill-effects on the health of a person who comes in contact with it.


A cement factory produces a large amount of dust in almost all stages of the manufacturing process. The suggestive sources of the fugitive dust are storage areas for raw material & finished products, transfer operations viz. loading & unloading operations, and vehicular movements on paved roads.

Coal and Limestone:

Type of Emission Source in various sections Estimated Number of Fugitive emission sources
Limestone (Unloading to Stacker)
Unloading Dump Hopper 1-2
Limestone Crusher 1-2
Transfer point (Crusher to Stacker) 1-2
Coal (Unloading to Stacker)
Unloading Dump Hopper 1-2
Coal Crusher 1-2
Transfer Point (Crusher to Stockpile 1-2

Parameters to be tested for Fugitive Emission Testing at Anacon

  • The parameters for testing the fugitive emission completely depend on the type of work that is being conducted and the form in which the particulates are released in the air.
  • Dust
  • Fine Particles
  • Aerosols
  • Quarries
  • Storage Piles
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Why Choose Anacon for Fugitive Emission Testing

  • To test for the presence of fugitive emission is an important aspect to look into. With time, the industries have become more conscious of the impact this emission would cause. The impact on human health and the surrounding neighbourhood has made testing a crucial aspect to look into.
  • Anacon Laboratories holds expertise in testing the emissions that are specifically dispersed from limestone & cement sites and coal mining sites. The test results generated from our test lab gives the industry owner a report that shows level emission dispersed in the air. The findings and results help the industry meet the applicable regulations.

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