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In the past few years, India’s food regulator, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), has emphasized the need to make technological advancements in the field of food testing. The Indian markets had been experiencing a deficiency when it came to the Rapid Food Adulteration Detection Kits. Determined to cater to this shortage, Anacon Laboratories has developed innovative Rapid Food Adulteration Detection kits. These kits equip you to detect the presence of any adulteration in food products. You can also test as many as 20 to 25 samples with just one kit. Our test kits promote faster, advanced, and cheaper testing of food products. We are confident that the food industry will rise unanimously to strengthen the food testing ecosystem and subsequently control the alarmingly high number of food-borne pathogens and toxins found in the food items we all consume.

What are Rapid Food Adulteration Test Kit

food adulteration test kit
  • The Rapid Food Adulteration Detection Kits are ready to use kits that detect and identify food pathogens, food allergens, food adulterants, pesticide leftovers, antibiotics/drug residues, and other harmful food toxins that contaminate the food products we ingest. These kits offer identification and testing solutions for a variety of food products, comprising of dairy products, edible oils, and so on.
  • The biggest advantage of these kits is that they facilitate real-time testing solutions. Owing to these kits’ accelerated turnaround food adulteration test kit time of the test results, FSSAI has
food adulteration test kit

enthusiastically backed the usage of these kits. The regulatory body also hoped that all the states would speedily implement the usage of these kits by making them available for the enforcement officials. It goes without saying that these kits will substantially augment the consumer’s faith in the food that they procure on a daily basis.

Importance/Need of Rapid Food
Adulteration Test Kit

food adulteration test kit
  • The food that we consume sustains us and is a source of all the necessary nutrition and minerals that provide us with the energy to engage in all our day to day chores. But owing to greed and compromised ethical stances, a lot of food manufactures are guilty of mixing adulterants into these food products. This notorious contamination of food has been on the rise in the past couple of years. This practice not only hampers the nutritional requirements of the consumers but also can be a cause of severe medical complications.
  • The solution to this malpractice is the swift identification of manufactures as well as their substandard products. And that is precisely where the need for Rapid Food Adulteration Detection Kits arises. These kits will empower the consumers and food monitoring and regulatory bodies to conduct quick tests on the food products available in the market. If these tests are conducted on a large scale we will soon be able to free our market shelves from products that impose a threat to our health and wellbeing.

Adulteration Detection kit available for

  • The adulterants found in food products are primarily of three kinds, namely intentional, incidental, and metallic. The intentional adulterants include sand, chalk powder, filth, and mineral oil. The pesticides leftovers and insect larvae form incidental adulterants. And finally, arsenic and lead are the major metallic adulterants. Anacon Laboratories’ testing kits comprise reagents that when added to a food sample undergo a color change to signal the presence of a particular adulterant. The color change varies for different adulterants so that the person conducting the test can form a solid conclusion about the type of toxin present.
food adulteration test kit
food adulteration test kit

Why choose Anacon for Food Adulteration Test Kit

  • Anacon Laboratories is a trusted manufacturer of Rapid Food Adulteration Detection Kits. We are the knowledge providers for the esteemed Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Owing to our expertise in the field of food adulteration monitoring we were given the responsibility to conduct training courses for FDA officials and some of the country’s top hoteliers.
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