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What is Fortification?

  • According to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) fortification is defined as “deliberately increasing the content of essential micronutrients in a food so as to improve the nutritional quality of food and to provide public health benefit with minimal risk to health”.
  • When micronutrients such as iron, folic acid, and other B-complex vitamins, vitamin A and zinc are added to regular rice, keeping in mind the dietary nutritional requirements of the human body, the process is called rice fortification.
  • Rice fortification can be achieved by multiple technologies. The most popular one is the process of ‘extrusion’ wherein fortified rice kernels (FRKs) are produced from the raw material mixture using an extruder machine.
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Importance of Testing Fortified Rice

Rice kernel 1
  • With levels of malnutrition rising among women and children in the country, the production of Fortified Rice Kernels has become crucial and so has been its testing.
  • Although fortification of food is considered to be one of the most suitable methods to combat malnutrition, it has to be done scientifically and with thorough care so that the component of nutrients are mixed accurately.
  • Several guidelines have been laid for fortification. Testing helps ensure that the standards are upheld.

Testing of Fortified Rice Kernels [FRK] at Anacon Laboratories.

At Anacon Laboratories, we help you in ensuring that the food product meets the necessary nutritional parameters. Therefore, we help you test the full life cycle of the product right from the time it is procured to the time it is dispatched for sale. For Fortified Rice Kernels, usually the fortificants Iron, Vitamin B12, and Folic Acid are tested.

We make sure that your Fortified Rice Kernels comply with the necessary standards set by the state or region. Thorough testing has to be undergone and then the test report is issued.

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