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Importance/Need of Chemical &
Microbiological Testing

food testing labs in india
  • Water plays a vital role during the assessment of food, primarily because water is a crucial ingredient in almost any food. It caters to different purposes depending on its applications. It can be used as the main component during the process or as an indirect component like a processing aid. But, something as basic as water also carries hazards with itself- the potential hazards include physical, chemical, and biological hazards.
  • To ensure optimal water quality as also due to the stringent rules and norms set by the regulatory bodies, people dealing in the food businesses need an effective treatment to be done on the process water.
food testing labs in india

What is Process water Testing

Shelf Life Studies
  • Water is essential to us in every which way; therefore, keeping water protected from hazards are free of microorganisms is the need of the hour. To gain more insight into the structure of water, our experts at Anacon Lab perform various tests and makes sure that the water is free of contaminants and pollutants.

How Anacon will help keep water safe
from source to consumption

  • The best way to analyse water is by checking its source. The state of water can change depending on the factors like soil erosion, overgrazing, entry of chemicals through fertilizers, pesticides, etc.
  • Every water sample that is collected by Anacon Labs is checked in our in-house laboratory.
Process Water

Why Choose Anacon Laboratories for Process Water Testing?

  • At Anacon Laboratories, we follow the necessary water testing guidelines with precision. All the testing and reporting are done in accordance with the rules and regulations set by FSSAI and other regulatory bodies of India.
  • For successful testing of water, we make sure to follow certain methods and tools that are set by the standard procedure. Our water testing lab is recognized as one of India’s leading laboratories. Our services are accredited by reliable authorities- FSSAI being the prominent one. Our unmatched accuracy and experience coupled with the latest range of analytical instruments and scientific equipment help us in delivering quality service.
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