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The need for Testing of Plant Growth Hormones & Regulators in India

Plant Growth Regulators
  • Agriculture and food industries are arguably the most growing and demanding industries of India. The food chain supply, therefore, demands analysis at every stage- from the agriculture produce till it gets manufactured and hit the shelves. To maintain consistency in the quality of food, the manufacturer ought to look into the initial process of plant growth and its development.
  • Hormones in plants are produced naturally; however, the plant growth regulators are applied to plants by humans. Plant growth hormones & regulators are bio-chemicals that alter the plant growth and some parts of the plant. The regulators are used in achieving plant height, strong roots, etc.
Fertilizer Testing
  • The intervention of science and the formulation of these compounds have made the reproduction of plants via micropropagation and tissue culture possible. Since these human-made alterations play a crucial role in the growth process, the testing of these formulations becomes of utmost importance.

What is Testing Of Plant Growth Hormones & Regulators

Fertilizer Testing
  • Numerous factors affect the cell growth in plants; these factors can be external (environmental) and internal. Considering the internal factors, the plant growth hormones play the most important role in cell growth. The plant hormones not only promote growth but also help in flowering. The plant hormones and growth regulators also affect:
  • Root growth
  • Stem elongation
  • Distortion and killing of organs
  • Prevention or promotion of stem elongation
  • Color enhancement of fruit
  • Quantity of fruits & vegetables
  • Volume of each individual fruit or vegetable
  • Prevention of leafing, leaf fall or both
  • And many other conditions
  • The hormones in plants are produced naturally, but there arise situations when these hormones are needed to be regulated by human intervention. Humans can apply these regulators to the plants through ‘foliar spray application’ or ‘drenching’ application. While the application part is all defined and set, the major part that cannot be left unattended is to get these man-made compounds analyzed in the testing labs.

What is Testing Of Plant Growth Hormones & Regulators

Plant growth hormones and regulators are used for many years now, and each of them has different effects depending on the plants. At Anacon Laboratories, we test for you the following compounds-


The auxin is responsible for stem elongation & bud suppression, the cytokinins regulate cell division & differentiation, the ethylene is responsible for abscission & fruit ripening, and gibberellins increases fruit size & flower size, further, it also promotes bolting and seed germination.

Plant Growth Regulators

Why Choose Anacon Laboratories for
Testing Of Plant Growth Hormones & Regulators

  • Anacon Laboratories has garnered success in generating accurate test reports for the man-made compounds aimed at boosting plant growth. Our professionals are well-versed in rendering services as per the requirement. The reports generated by our professional team of experts help you in gaining accurate and quantified reports. Our testing labs are equipped with cutting-edge equipment and our analytical services are backed by qualified and experienced staff members.
  • Getting your Plant Growth Hormones and Regulators tested from us shall help you in knowing the quality of those Plant Growth Regulators that are being used, and you’d get an idea about the necessary dosage that needs to be administered.

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