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Need Of Diesel Testing Labs In India

Need of Diesel Testing
  • The world is transforming at a fast pace; and if we specifically talk about industrialization, then everything in this ambit is fuelled by diesel. From diesel-powered generators to diesel-driven transport vehicles, the utilization and need for diesel has been spread widely across different sectors.
  • Diesel powers most of the agricultural, construction, and manufacturing equipment in India. Even education institutes, hospitals, multinational companies, and hotels have got diesel generators as a backup for unprecedented power failure.
  • Since a huge amount of dependency lies on diesel, the need for testing and analysing this fuel has become of
Need of Diesel Testing

paramount importance. From an industrial standpoint, testing can help in mitigating the risk of engine failure, ensuring the quality of fuel, and reducing the number of expensive repairs performed.

What Is LDO & HFO Diesel Testing

What is LDO & HFO Diesel Testing
  • The terms LDO and HFO stand for light diesel oil and heavy fuel oil respectively. HFO is produced from the leftovers of the crude oil refining process, whereas, LDO is the amalgamation of components from the distillation process of crude.
  • Due to the growing concern over the exposure of sulphur in the air, the emission regulations in India have become more stringent than before. Therefore, for the industries, it has become crucial to utilize appropriate fuel with allowable sulphur as per the standardise ppm. Our testing service helps you determine the sulphur that is present in your diesel- both in LDO and HFO.
  • LDO diesel is used in boilers, furnaces, vehicles, etc. and HFO diesel is majorly used in ship transportation. Therefore, from the performance’s point of view- the diesel needs to be checked for excess water and sediment content, which directly impacts the efficiency of the equipment and the vehicle that is running on that very type of fuel.

Diesel (LDO & HFO) Testing Services at Anacon Laboratories

  • At Anacon Laboratories, we provide comprehensive testing of LDO & HFO diesel’s sulphur content, calorific value, purity, and compliance with the standards for cleanliness and the requirements stated by ASTM and OEM.

Why Choose Anacon Laboratories For Iron Ore Testing

  • Over the years, Anacon Laboratories has gained vast experience in iron ore analysis and testing. Our professionals are well-versed in rendering services as per the requirement. We have been operational in the testing industry for about two decades, and our uncompromising work ethos and diligent team are to be credited for this long and impeccable journey. We follow stringent guidelines set by the regulatory bodies to deliver flawless test results.
  • Our team takes into account every tiny detail, and we have set in place state-of-the-art technology in our laboratories. Our iron ore testing, certification, and inspection services help you generate test results that meet the applicable regulations.

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