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Need of Coal Testing Labs In India

Need of Coal Testing Labs
  • In India, coal is the primary source of electricity. Due to its varied utility, coal never runs out of demand and is imported to other countries for its increasing energy demands. Coal is mainly categorized into four types of ranks namely lignite, sub-bituminous, bituminous, and anthracite; these four types of ranks are the outcome of the process of coalification.
  • The ranks of the coal are determined by the degree of transformation and have different physical and chemical properties. These properties of coal are accurately verified from the testing methods, which are later used for determining characterization, commercial grading, and deciding its utilization as per need and demand.
Need of Coal Testing Labs

Importance of Coal Testing

Importance of Coal Testing
  • Thermal power plants completely rely on coal for generating energy. Ever since these power plants have recognized the importance of coal analysis from a boiler design’s standpoint, they have started investing a huge amount of money in coal testing. And the power station workers have to be vigilant while checking for the prescribed quality of coal. If they use lower grade coal, a significant impact is observed in its working and efficiency.
  • The quality of coal used in the boiler plays a crucial role in its functioning- so much so, that the coal’s chemical composition regulates the design characteristics of the boiler. There are many more aspects that need to be looked into, and they all are dependent on the chemical & physical composition of the coal.

Analysis of Coal At Anacon laboratories

  • A coal testing procedure undergoes mainly two types of testing- Proximate Analysis and Ultimate Testing. The ‘proximate analysis’ includes the testing of Moisture, Ash, Volatile Matter, Fixed Carbon.
  • The fixed carbon plays an important part in the burning of coal, whereas volatile matter plays a significant part in the ignition of fuel. The ash content helps with pollution control equipment, ash handling systems of a furnace, and combustion volume.
  • The ‘ultimate analysis’ includes the testing of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Oxygen.

Why Choose Anacon For Coal Testing

  • Well-versed in rendering services as per the requirement. Our experienced team provides you with proximate analysis, ultimate analysis, calorific value, elemental analysis, and toxicity testing. With this, we also ensure accurate chemical analysis that is as per the international standards of the coal industry.
  • Our testing labs are equipped with state of art machinery and our analytical services are backed by qualified and experienced staff members. We understand the importance of coal testing, and therefore, at every step, we make sure to generate results that are carried out with utmost attention to accuracy, standardize methodology, and reliable operating procedures.

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