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Limestone Testing

Limestone Testing

  • Thermoplastics are types of plastics that become moldable on being heated and solidifies on being cooled down. Thermoplastic testing is done to identify the tensile strength of plastics; a tensile test is conducted to determine a plastic’s mechanical material properties.Generally, the plastic tensile tests are done to test Softening point, cracking resistance, Flow resistance etc.
  • Limestone is a natural stone. It is calcined to obtain lime, which is used in the cement and construction industry. Lime is used as a binding material and finds its application in mortar making, plastering, cement, and so on. Limestone consists of various constituents, which is why it is warranted that tests be conducted to accurately gauge its quality and composition. Following are the types of tests that are conducted on Limestone. 

    Physical tests are conducted to figure out the physical properties of lime. These physical properties include color, smell, shape, texture, etc. The purest form of limestone is white in color. A limestone that comprises free salts has a shiny look.  And bluish or brownish colored limestone is called hydraulic limestone.


    1. Chemical tests

    Limestone is usually tested for Calcium oxide content, Magnesium oxide content, Silica content, Loss on ignition etc.

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