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Importance of Export Food Testing and Certification

Export Food
  • The establishment of the WTO has bestowed an opportunity to all the countries to access the world markets. Also, India being a food surplus country has an enormous potential to become the world’s leading exporter. We already boast of a huge production base of fresh as well as processed food products. But in spite of these factors, Indian exporters of agricultural products are often subjected to restrictions and bans in the foreign marketplaces.
  • These non-compliances of international safety standards occur due to a variety of reasons such as the usage of banned Export Food chemical residues, the manifestation of pests, and microbial contamination in
Export Food

the food products that are meant to be exported. Such rejections and ban not only clamp the expansion of a producer or exporter but also leads to their incurring a substantial loss

  • The only way to avoid such grave losses is to test your food products for safety contamination or unwanted residue, and also confirm their accurate nutritional composition. If the product undergoing the test is in compliance with the international safety standards then it is certified by the verifying body. This certificate is indicative of the satisfactory standard of the product and can be easily sold in the international market space.

List of Products for Testing & Certification of
Export Food

Anacon labs, provide Testing & Certification of Export produce for the following food products

Export Food


Export Food

Cereals & Pulses

Export Food

Fresh Fruits

Nutritional Testing

Why choose Anacon for Testing &
Certification of Export Food?

Most countries have set in place a product standard, and they need both the national as well as, international products to conform to those standards. So, the products that you export require strenuous testing so that they meet the standards set in the target country and are eligible to be sold there. We at Anacon Labs conduct Testing and Certification of Export Produce to ensure that your products meet the required safety and regulatory compliance of the desired country.
To get the relevant export certificate it is often required that the products are tested and certified by an independent accredited body like Anacon Labs.

As India’s one of the most trusted reviews, verification, testing, and certification body, you can be assured to meet all the necessary global accreditations. Our export certification services can aid you to

  • Meet the requirements of the countries you want to operate in, by ensuring regulatory compliance for your products.
  • Wade through the landscapes of diverse certification and to take the necessary steps to comply.
  • Obtain the approvals, permits, export certificates, and licenses that are needed for your products. This can further help you expand in new markets.
    Our unrivaled experience, expertise, and resources make us the first choice in export certification. Also, the Anacon Laboratories is dedicated to helping the exporters to expand and flourish. We want to equip them to reach out to numerous international markets. And as a result, we have devised stringent certification standards that are in tune with the international guidelines. Our rigorous and thorough tests and subsequent certification make the food products ready to be sold in the foreign market.
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