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Importance/Need of Contaminants Testing

Contaminants Testing
  • To understand the importance of ‘contaminant testing,’ we have to first understand that how and when can a food product get contaminated. A food item usually goes through a long chain of the process- from its production to processing and finally till it reaches the shelves. In order to keep food items protected from getting damaged, the manufacturers at certain levels make use of the chemicals.
  • The remains of these chemicals cause the food to contaminate. To skip the use of chemicals in this chain of food process is an impossible demand to put forward.Contaminants Testing Therefore, it becomes of extreme importance to conduct a food contamination analysis and see if the food is fit for the consumption of your consumer. To ensure that your consumer is being fed with healthy food items, FSSAI has declared it mandatory for a food operator to make its products undergo food contamination testing.​
Contaminants Testing

What is Contaminants Testing

Contaminants Testing
  • Generally, every food product gets contaminated by toxic metals, pesticides, veterinary drug residues, organic pollutants, radionuclides, and mycotoxins. This procedure of testing reduces the risk associated with food contaminants by undergoing a thorough chemical and microbiological analysis.

Contamination Testing Services at Anacon Laboratories

The chemicals can enter the food chain at any point of the process. Be it grains, dry fruits, meat, fish, or any food product for that matter, the contamination of food can have a serious impact on health; it can impact the immune system, can interfere with hormones, and can also cause deadly diseases like cancer.

Food contaminant testing helps in mitigating the risk associated with the quality and safety of food. Moreover, it also helps to detect and identify food-borne diseases and physical food hazards.

At Anacon Laboratories, our food contaminant testing services cover a wide range of substances, this includes-

Contaminants Testing


Contaminants Testing


Contaminants Testing

Naturally occurring Toxins/ Toxic substances

Contaminants Testing

Genetically modified organisms

Contaminants Testing


Contaminants Testing

Pesticide Residues

Contaminants Testing

Polychlorinated biphenyls ( PCBs )

Contaminants Testing

Species Identification

Contaminants Testing

Veterinary Drug

Contaminants Testing

Why choose Anacon for Contamination Testing

  • Almost all food items are laden with chemicals or chemical residues of some sort or the other. The deposit of such toxic and non-toxic substances heavily affects the quality and safety of food products. With Anacon Laboratories’ food contamination testing, you can maintain the quality of your food product and assure safety by complying with health, safety, and environmental regulatory standards.
  • Looking closely at its multifold benefits, the testing results give the manufacturers confidence in their product. Moreover, we assure enhanced quality and productivity by getting ourselves involved with you in the entire process of the journey. As your food gets tested on every level, your brand/business reduces the risk of negative health impacts.
  • Our contamination testing lab is recognized as one of India’s top five laboratories. Our food testing services are accredited by reliable authorities- FSSAI being the prominent one. Our contaminants testing solutions are authentic and reliable; moreover, we have decade long experience of working in this domain.
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