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Effects of Water Impurities on Construction Concrete Strength

Water Testing Services
  • Water holds a very prominent position during the process of construction. The water is majorly used in the preparation of mortar, mixing of cement concrete, curing of the final structure; and therefore, it creates a direct impact on the strength of the mortator and cement concrete.
  • The presence of impurities in the water can maylead to metal corrosion and affect the hardening process of concrete. Further, it may introduces silt and clay into the concrete, thus decreasing the durability of the concrete. Additional impurities like the presence of acid, alkali, industrial waste also reduce the strength of concrete. Even the presence of salts in water like
Water Testing Services

calcium chloride, iron salts, inorganic salts and sodium, etc. also significantly impacts the strength of the concrete. Ensuring the quality of water used during construction helps in ensuring a strong cornerstone.

What is Construction Water testing & Frequency of Testing

Construction Water testing
  • Water plays a pivotal role in the construction domain; be it preparation of mortar, mixing of cement concrete, or curing work. The importance of using quality water is directly associated with the strength of the mortoar and cement concrete.
  • At Anacon Laboratories, we conduct various tests on the construction water to check its quality for the suitability of concrete construction. In civil engineering projects, where a large quantity of different materials is used, the testing of these materials is based on some set patterns within the desired frequency of testing in order that the quality of the final product is

maintained. Water is obtained from various sources; therefore, the water should be tested before the construction work progresses.

  • Water is obtained from various sources; therefore, the water should be tested before the construction work progresses.

Water Quality Tests for Concrete Construction at Anacon Laboratories

Construction Water testing
  • Construction is a huge expenditure in itself, therefore the negligence of using untested water can have negative repercussions on your theproject. At Anacon Laboratories, we check the essential parameters for the construction water analysis, this includes-
  • The pH value test
  • Limits of acidity & alkalinity test
  • Percent of solids
  • Suspended matter
  • Organic and Inorganic Solid
  • Chloride
  • Sulphates

Other major parameters as per the IS 456:2000 standards are

  • To neutralize 100 ml sample of water with 0.02N NaOH
  • To neutralize 100 ml sample of water with 0.02N H2SO4
Construction Water testing
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Why Choose Anacon Laboratories for Construction Water Testing

  • From the construction’s standpoint, we test the sample used for mixing and curing. The dedicated team of professionals offers the highest quality of water testing services and comply with all regulatory laws & guidelines. Our latest technology and real-time auditing provide a quick and accurate result. Every test protocol of ours matches with the standards mentioned by the concerned authorities.
  • We have an ingenious team of researchers who are making progress in the field of testing by leaps and bounds and are introducing modern testing methods and technology into our labs. Our prime goal is to offer precise and timely testing, and we dedicate all our working force to achieve just that, time after time.

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