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Importance of Fertilizer Testing Labs In India

Fertilizer Testing
  • In modern agricultural practices,by virtue of the fact that the given soil is constantly under cultivation, farmers often have to work on depleted and infertile soil. A fertile soil naturally has a lot of nutrients that are necessary for a healthy and adequate yield. Owing to a lot of reasons, some of which include contaminated irrigation water, land pollution because of industries, and natural adversities, the soil may be lacking in some of these essential nutrients.
  • To ensure that this inferior quality of the soil does not impact the amount of crop harvested, farmers usually resort to using fertilizers. These fertilizers usually contain nutrients that the soil may be lacking. But over some time, it was observed that some chemical
Fertilizer Testing

fertilizers used in farms were of compromised quality and contained chemicals that were toxic for the soil as well as the crop. Further, soil chemistry is rather dynamic and delicate, and needs to be tackled in a meticulous manner.

  • A lot of times the chemicals from soil were also traced in fruits or vegetables harvested and ended up being consumed by humans. Also, agricultural researchers discovered that certain chemical fertilizers made the soil even more infertile in the long run, which warranted their increased use in the later cropping seasons. Sometimes it so happens that fertilizers used in excess get washed off into the ground water and pollute the rivers they flow into. And this exposed a vicious cycle that toxic and unchecked fertilizers posed.
  • India being a majorly agricultural country cannot afford to risk the fertility of soil owing to these issues. And that is why it is crucial to have fertilizer testing labs in India.

What Is Fertilizer Testing

Fertilizer Testing
  • Fertilizers are used to provide essential nutrients to the crops when the soil is not enough fertile to provide them these nutrients organically. Fertilizers contain a minimum value of 5% of one or more of the three crucial nutrients which are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), or potassium (K). These three main nutrients for fertilizers N, P, K are readily available, and mixing two or more nutrients, followed by purifying and treating them, makes them readily absorbable by plants.
  • The analysis method that helps to assess the main components, notably the primary nutrient, and harmful components in fertilizers is known as fertilizer testing. These tests are pivotal in identifying not only the type of nutrients but also the quality and composition of the fertilizers.

Testing Parameters For Fertilizer Testing At Anacon Laboratories

Fertilizers are a source of important and absent nutrients for the agricultural soil. Consequently, they contain specific or a mixture of nutrients that they claim to supplement. So estimation of these nutrients forms the basic parameters of fertilizer testing. Certain parameters for which the fertilizers are tested are as follows:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphate
  • Potash
  • Urea
  • DAP (Diammonium phosphate)
  • MAP (Monoammonium phosphate)
  • SSP (normal superphosphate) and TSP (triple superphosphate)
  • Muriate of Potash
  • Sulphur
Fertilizer Testing

Why Choose Anacon Laboratories For Fertilizer Testing ?

  • Anacon Laboratories offersaccurate and comprehensive fertilizer testing services by following the latest procedural standards set by the concerned regulating bodies. Our modern laboratories can test for primary fertilizer nutrients that include nitrogen, phosphates, and potassium. Our prudent team of researchers and lab technicians uses the latest methodologies and equipment to produce accurate and timely testing solutions. Our fertiliser testing services will thus help you in understanding your fertiliser quality, the dosage of the fertiliser under consideration, crop-wise fertiliser input necessary for bumper crop yield etc.

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