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What are crop chemicals?

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  • Crop chemicals are pesticides like herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, antimicrobials, and disinfectants that are used routinely on crops and plants to control pests and disease and promote growth.
  • Farmers have tried to protect their fields from diseases, weeds, and pest infestation for a long time. Crop chemicals help them achieve a larger produce by preventing destruction by pests and weeds.

Need of Testing Crop Chemicals?

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  • To protect plants, the quality of crop chemicals needs to be assessed thoroughly. Farmers invest heavily in crop chemicals and thus it is imperative that they be of the highest quality.
  • Testing would ensure that the crop chemicals are of the highest quality to ensure that the crops can ward off pests, diseases, and weeds well.

Testing at ANACON laboratories.

We perform tests on crop chemicals at ANACON Laboratories to make sure that the chemicals are of the greatest quality and beneficial to the farmers who use them in cultivation.

The process for analyzing pesticide residues typically involves extracting the residues, clean-up procedures to remove other components, and an analytical procedure to identify and measure the amount of pesticide residue. We create the best results by reproducible conditions and the use of high quality reference standards. At ANAOCON lab two methods are followed in order to test those chemicals.

  • Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry Coupled (GC-MS), especially for volatile compounds in complex samples
  • Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry Coupled (LC-MS), suitable for non-volatile compounds (thermally unstable molecules

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