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Need of Food Testing labs in India

food testing labs in india
  • Food is one of the most important basic needs of a human being. Food contamination and food adulteration are matter of world-wide concern pertaining to the quality and safety of food. Owing to its hazardous consequences on health, many people have now become more cautious about the quality of the food they buy and eat. Governments all over the world too, taking due cognizance of the health and safety of their citizens, have brought in place numerous laws and legislations that mandate the food sold in their countries to be of a certain high quality. Therefore, in the wake of protecting public health, ‘food testing’ has become mandatory in the world in general, and in India in particular.
  • A few decades ago, with contamination and adulteration reaching its peak, the policies around food
food testing labs in india

safety and hygiene now getting more and more stringent; thus, creating a challenging situation for food industries dealing in various sectors of food types. At Anacon Laboratories, our expertise and years of experience promise to deliver testing services for raw materials of food products, semi-finished food products and the final food products.

  • With a highly qualified and professional team of experts, Anacon Laboratories makes use of modern technology and state-of-art equipment for testing and analyzing, along with a highly skilled technically-competent team of accomplished scientists who have a proven track record. We ensure that every bite is fit to consume- right from the farm to the fork.

Food Safety Parameters to be Tested

Compiled is a list of parameters that are required in testing the food products. Our parameters for testing & analysis comply with the regulations set by India’s Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

Food Testing Labs in India

Residual Antibiotics

Food Testing Labs in India

Residual Drugs

Food Testing Labs in India

Crop Contaminants

Food Testing Labs in India

Melamine Testing

Food Testing Labs in India

Trace element and
mineral analysis

Nutritional Testing


Food Testing Labs in India

Pathogen Testing

Food Testing Labs in India

Migration studies for

Food Testing Labs in India

Analysis of volatile &
semi volatile compounds

Food Testing Services we Provide

We believe that food testing is the most integral part of ensuring public health. In an attempt to bring on the shelf ‘safe to consume’ food, we have undertaken the following food tests.

food testing labs in india

Nutritional Value

Check for the right amount of nutritional
ingredients present in the food

Shelf Life Testing


Check for contaminates to reduce the risk
associated with the safety of food

food testing labs in india

Chemical & Microbiological

Detect microscopic organisms and chemical
composition of the food

food testing labs in india

Process Water

Check for the presence of contaminants
and pollutants present in water

food testing labs in india

Rapid Food Adulteration
Detection Kit

Check for the presence of various types of
adulteration in food products

food testing labs in india

Shelf-Life Optimization/
Evaluation Studies

Detect the optimum time-period from a ‘safe to
consume’ standpoint

food testing labs in india

Shelf Life

Perform various types of important and modern
testing to determine the shelf-life

food testing labs in india

Testing & Certification Of
Export Produce

Ensure your food products meet the required
safety and regulatory compliance

Food Testing Labs in India

Food Testing at Anacon Laboratories

Anacon has the capability and expertise for “Food Analysis” in various subcategories & also approved by “AGMARK” under “Prevention of Food Adulteration Act”, “Food Safety Act of India ” which has been implemented since 6th August 2011. As per the provisions of the act, it is mandatory to get the Food Quality tested by accredited Labs. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has been established under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, which consolidates various acts & orders that have hitherto handled food related issues in various Ministries and Departments of India to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption.

Food Testing Certifications we provide

Food Testing Labs in India

HACCP certification

Food Testing Labs in India

ISO 22002—1

Food Testing Labs in India

FSSC 22000

Food Testing Labs in India

Supplier Audits and Approvals

Food Product Categories Tested At Anacon

The adulteration in food seems to have no limit; it is sprawling all over the place and has got many
food items in its trap. To detect this, the following products are tested in our lab.

  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Food Grains, Pulses & Cereals
  • Alcoholic Drinks & Beverages
  • Bakery & Confectionary
  • Spices & Condiments
  • Nuts & Nut Products
  • Oils, Fats & related products
  • Meat & Meat Products
  • Fish & Fish Products
  • Honey & Honey Products
  • Indian Snacks items
  • Spices & Condiments
  • Packaged food


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