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Alternate Fuels & Raw Materials (AFR)

Need of Coal Testing Labs
  • In India Alternate Fuels is an important research and development stream that expands the visibility of research understanding and findings, and helps the industry to optimise their costing in ways that attain sustainable competitive advantage. It aims to create the awareness to the research fraternity and also the overarching industry about the alternative fuels derived from sources which are not conventionally used or even look at, that way.
  • Since, Alternate Fuels & Raw materials are derived from non-conventional sources, it has played a vital role in the environmental issues to reduce the harmful emissions, as also towards contributing towards circular economy by utilising wastes effectively.
    Alternative fuels can be a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly option, or an economically-efficient method of utilizing readily available local fuel sources. Through our global network of operations, Independent evaluation services to alternative fuel consumers worldwide, aimed at reducing your risks and maximizing your profits.
Need of Coal Testing Labs In India

Importance of Alternate Fuels Testing

Importance of Coal Testing
  • The global energy sector is shifting from reliance on fossil fuel-based systems of energy production & consumption, to alternative energy sources, all in a bid to contribute to the circular economy value-chain. Regulatory and economic policies, environmental sustainability, and climate change concerns are driving this transition.
  • AFRs have emerged as leading candidates for developing sustainable fuel supplies. Alternative energy testing is done to ensure that these alternative fuels are free from impurities, since even low-level contaminants can significantly damage production and manufacturing systems.

Analysis of Alternate Fuels At Anacon laboratories

  • Determining flue gas parameters (O2,CO, NxOy, SO2, CxHy, VOC, CO2). Calibrating and certifying continuous on-line measuring equipment.
  • Monitoring fugitive emissions. Calculating dispersions (according to recognized international models).
    • Analysing the AFRs for
    • Gross Calorific Value
    • Moisture content
    • Fixed Carbon content
    • Ash content
    • Volatile matter
    • Carbon content
    • Hydrogen content
    • Nitrogen content
    • Sulfur content
    • Oxygen content


  • Inorganic components from emissions (chlorine, HCl, HF, metal, acid vapors).
  • Organic components from emissions (dioxins, solvents, PAH).
  • Emissions (air pollution at population level).


  • Dust particles (total dust, respirable dust and particle size distribution).
  • Moisture level, flow rate and temperature.
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Why Choose Anacon For Alternate Fuels Testing

  • We provide a complete range of laboratory analysis to help users of alternative fuels meet environmental requirements in accordance with recognized standards.
  • The supply of high quality, consistent feedstock is essential to any alternative fuels user. Anacon has extensive experience in reducing risk for customers along the entire supply chain of raw materials (from field to refinery).

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