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Need For Biomass Testing

Need for Biomass testing
  • Biomass is a renewable and sustainable source of energy. Obtained most commonly from plant or animal sources, it is used as a fuel to create heat, electricity, and other forms of power. Biomass fuel is developed from organic materials, such as wood, energy crops, forest debris, and waste from yards or farms. Biomass is speedily gaining popularity as a fuel and is replacing conventional non-renewable sources of energy. The reason behind the increased inclination towards biomass is the increasing concern over environmental issues, and depleting non-renewable sources of energy.
  • Biomass also provides an effective way of reusing garbage and sewage sludge. All in all, biomass resources as fuels prove to be a promising way of
Need for Biomass testing

dealing with environmental depletion and global warming. But to ensure the effectiveness of these fuels their testing and quality check is pertinent. Biomass fuel testing is also needed to keep a check on its industry-relevant parameters such as specifications, and composition. Effective and safe storage of these biofuels also warrants a safety evaluation test. These biofuels when stored in large quantities, for long durations, can result in self-heating, spontaneous ignition, and even explosions in some cases. Due to these reasons, it is important to test these fuels and analyze the risk posed by testing their calorific properties and other relevant parameters.

What is Biomass Testing ?

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  • Biomass fuels are often referred to as unconventional fuels. They come from organic matter which comprises forestry crops and residues, agrarian leftovers, animal waste residues, industrial waste, and even industrial solid waste. The majority of biomass fuels are obtained from wood and animal waste.
  • The major difference between biomass fuels and conventional fuels such as fossil and petroleum is the characteristic low density of biomass fuels. Owing to their

lower density, biomass fuels are usually required in much more quantity to generate the same amount of energy that a much smaller volume of conventional fuel could generate. But despite these issues, biomass fuel is eco-friendly and to that extent fulfils the need for a sustainable future.

  • As a result, a lot of new technological advancements and research are being conducted to explore the biomass fuel field. And with these advancements, the need to test the usability of these fuels is also created. Experts testing and laboratories’ capabilities are needed to comprehend the scope of utilization of these fuels. Certain commonly conducted biomass tests include the analysis of moisture content, sulphur content, ash content, and calorific value. These fuels are essentially tested for their quality and usability.

Why Choose Anacon For Biomass Testing?

  • The biomass fuel market is thriving with the focus shifting on switching towards green and sustainable energy sources. Anacon Laboratories offers an extensive analysis of biomass fuels which include agricultural residues, wood pellets, solid waste, and so on. We are India’s leading testing services providers and are equipped with the capability of performing through biomass analysis that complies with national as well as international standards. Our team is armed with sophisticatedequipment and a wealth of technical experience, owing to which we deliver quality testing of biomass fuels on a plethora of parameters.

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