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Biomass Testing

Biomass Testing

  • When organic materials or substances are used as fuels to generate electricity or any form of power, they are referred to as biomass fuels. These fuels are considered to be environmentally friendly and are also called non-conventional fuels. Biomass can be obtained from multiple sources such as crops and their residues, animal residues, municipal solid waste, and so on. But the most commonly used biomass fuels are woody fuels and animal residues.
  • Since Biomass is considered to be environmentally friendly, its demand and usage are increasing. This increased usage has created the need for analysis and testing of Biomass to ensure that it is of the desired quality and also make sure that a consistent quality of the fuel is manufactured and stored. Anacon Laboratories is a leading laboratory that tests and analyzes the quality of biomass fuel. In doing so, we comply with international standards such as ASTM, IP, API, EN, ISO, and EPA. We test the biomass fuels for the following parameters:
    • Heating Value as Gross Calorific value or Net Calorific value (KCal)
    • Moisture-%
    • Ash-%
    • Volatile Matter-%
    • Fixed Carbon-%
    • Carbon
    • Hydrogen
    • Nitrogen
    • Oxygen
    • Mercury
    • Refuse Derived Fuel Sizing
    • Bulk Density
    • Trace Metals (Typically As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn) etc.

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