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Need Of Fly Ash Testing Labs In India

Need Of Fly Ash Testing Labs In India
  • A construction project has to have cement as its prominent and basic material for building. But despite being the most widely used construction material, a concrete mixture with a higher content of cement leads to many problems. These challenging problems include- rise in heat of hydration, an increase in construction cost, the formation of ettringite, which is the result of heat generated at the core of the concrete, etc.
  • Fly ash in such a situation acts as a perfect substitute to cement when mixed in the right recipe of concrete. Owing to its pozzolanic properties (cement-like property that sets underwater) of fly ash, over the years has gained huge popularity in the construction domain.
Need Of Fly Ash Testing Labs In India
  • Since the entire construction of the building lies on the shoulder of the concrete mixture, the importance of testing the fly ash ensures the quality, permeability, and durability of the product.

What Is Fly Ash and What Is Fly Ash Testing ?

What Is Fly Ash and What Is Fly Ash Testing
  • Fly ash is a fine gray powder that consist the pozzolanic properties (cement like property that sets under water). Basically, fly ash is a byproduct of burning pulverized coal that is used in electric generation power plants.
  • Since fly ash has the inherent cementitious compounds present in it, fly ash acts as a perfect ingredient in the concrete mixture. This ‘supplementary cementitious material’ increases the duration for gaining the strength. Further, it also helps in

reducing the heat of hydration of cement. From environment’s standpoint, fly ash again wins the race for being a recycled material. Production of cement uses lot of energy and raw materials; this gives us another reason to believe that makes fly ash an environment friendly material.

  • Since fly ash has acquired a prominent place as a material to be mixed in the concrete, the quality test ensures the strength and performance of the material.

Why Choose Anacon for Ash Testing ?

  • Over the years, Anacon Laboratories has gained vast experience in fly ash testing. Our professionals are well-versed in rendering services as per the requirement. We have been operational in the testing industry for about two decades, and our uncompromising work ethos and diligent team are to be credited for this long and impeccable journey. Our team takes into account every tiny detail, and we have also got state-of-the-art technology set in place at our laboratory. We follow stringent guidelines set by the regulatory bodies to deliver flawless test results.
  • We understand the importance of fly ash and the role in plays in the construction domain. Therefore, our accurate test result help in analyzing the fineness, particle density, soundness, activity index, and other chemical properties of fly ash like silica, iron oxide, chloride content, sulphate, aluminum oxide, ash fusion temperature etc.

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