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Importance Of Waste Water Testing Labs In India

Water Testing Services
  • India is a rapidly developing country and is seeing a fast-paced widening of industrialization. When we add to this the exponentially booming population, it becomes evident that the natural resources will be taking a hit. Most of the industries release wastewaters also referred to as effluent water, and many a time due to ineffective management this polluted water enters the natural water bodies like rivers, lakes, etc. The same problem arises when the ever-increasing number of households releases wastewater also known as sewage water and it is not managed properly.
  • Both these kinds of water are highly contaminated and when not managed properly can trickle into water resources and be used for consumption as drinking
Water Testing Services

water or irrigational water, and both these cases are highly unwanted. This inadequate management of wastewater affects marine life by polluting our natural water reserves, depletes the soil and diminishes the yield when trickles into the irrigational water, and lastly and most severely becomes the carrier of various infections and diseases when consumed as drinking water. To deal with this issue it is important that the wastewaters released from industries and households are managed and treated. But to identify the contaminants in the wastewater of a particular region or even during a specific period of time it is important to test and analyze them. And that is where testing labs come in. This need to monitor both kinds of wastewater warrants the need for wastewater testing labs in India.

What Is Waste Water Testing

Waste Water Testing
  • Wastewater testing is the process of testing the waste-water released from the industries or the households for the presence of harmful toxic contaminants and disease-causing pathogens. The residual water released from industries is called effluent water and the one released by households is called sewage water, and both these together form the wastewater.
  • The major parameters against which the wastewater tests are conducted can be divided into the following four categories:


Through these tests, the concentration of particulate solids suspended in the wastewaters is measured.


Here the concentration of certain nutrients that lead to the expedition of eutrophication or natural aging of water is calculated. Some of these nutrients are nitrogen and phosphorous.

Physical properties and other impact parameters

Certain parameters that affect the water’s properties such as color, odor, turbidity, PHpH, BOD, COD, etc are also analyzed.

Waste Water Processes & Assessments At Anacon

At Anacon Laboratories, we understand the importance of effective and accurate wastewater testing solutions in this modern age of rapidly increasing population and industrialization. We employ modernized technology to test wastewaters on the pertinent parameters and regulations set by the governing bodies.

Water Microbiology Assessments

  • Wastewater Microscopy
  • Filamentous Bacteria Identification
  • Bioflocculation Potential (includes Exocellular Polymeric Substance (EPS) extraction, Floc Surface Charge, and Hydrophobicity)
  • Total and Live Bacteria Counts
  • Culturable Bacteria Count etc.

Wastewater Process Monitoring

  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Volatile Suspended Solids (VSS)
  • Nutrient Analyses (including TKN)
  • Oxygen Uptake Testing (DOUR and SOUR)
  • Nutrient Content in Biomass etc.

Molecular Biology

  • Fecal Coliform, E. coli, and Enterococcus concentration
  • Track and quantify potential sources of fecal contamination
  • Distinguish between Fecal-Associated and Environmental-Associated Fecal Indicator Bacteria etc.

Waste Water Services At Anacon

Wastewater is released into the environment from two major sources that are the industries and households. Industrial wastewater is referred to as effluent water, while household wastewater is called sewage water. We offer testing solutions for both these categories.

Parameters to be tested for Effluent Testing at Anacon

Effluent Water Testing

The wastewater released from industries can contain a lot of harmful toxins that can affect the surrounding biodiversity. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, it is necessary to conduct effluent water testing.


Sewage Water Testing

The wastewater released from households can contain disease causing pathogens and bacteria. It is important to test these waters and treat them appropriately.

Nutritional Testing

Why Choose Anacon For Waste Water Testing

  • Anacon Laboratories is one of the leading testing service providers in India. We have vast experience in wastewater analysis and testing. We provide trustworthy and precise testing for both, effluent and sewage waters. Our researchers and technicians comprehend the critical nature of the results of wastewater testing and strive to provide detailed and accurate analysis in a set time frame. Anacon Labs is recognized by governing and regulating bodies of India, and we strictly follow the guidelines set by them while performing tests and analysis.

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