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What is Fortified Rice?

  • When extruded fortified rice kernels rich in added micronutrients such as Vitamin A, Folic Acid, and Iron are blended with regular non-fortified rice, the final product is fortified rice.
  • Rice can be fortified in multiple ways. First, it can be done by adding a micronutrient powder to the rice that adheres to the grains. Second, spraying the surface of ordinary rice grains in several layers with a vitamin and mineral mix to form a protective coating also forms fortified rice.
  • Rice can also be extruded and shaped into partially precooked grain-like structures resembling rice grains, which can then be blended with natural polished rice.
  • Rice fortification at scale is gaining momentum as a feasible and cost-effective strategy to address micronutrient deficiencies.
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What is Chemical & Microbiological Testing in Food

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  • By fortifying rice, the nutritional value of rice can be enhanced can be increased significantly.
  • This is especially useful in rice-dependent nations where the level of nourishment among the population is low. The rice fortification technology can aid vulnerable populations and alleviate problems of malnourishment among the masses.
  • We understand the importance of fortified rice in our society and hence at our laboratories, we make sure that the fortified rice that goes out into the market meets the nutritional parameters that are required.
  • We see to it that the fortified rice adheres to the guidelines and nutritional requirements of the place it will be transported to. With our thorough testing, we provide a comprehensive report about the quality and nutrient value of the rice.

WHO Recommendations

  • Fortification of rice with iron is recommended as a public health strategy to improve the iron status of populations, in settings where rice is a staple food.
  • Fortification of rice with vitamin A may be used as a public health strategy to improve the iron status and vitamin A nutrition of populations.
  • Fortification of rice with folic acid may be used as a public health strategy to improve the folate nutritional status of populations.

Testing of Fortified Rice at Anacon Laboratories.

At Anacon, we ensure that the food product is free from harmful chemicals and micro-organisms. Therefore, we test the full life cycle of the product right from the time it is procured to the time it is dispatched for sale.

We make sure that our food kernels comply with the standards set by the state or region. A thorough inspection has to be undergone before a license is granted.

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