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What Is ‘Consent Renewal for Industries’

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  • Manufacturing companies and industries discharge, store, and transport pollutant substances like poisonous gases, wastewater, etc. The waste harms the environment on a great level, which is why it is mandatory for them to take approval from the Pollution Control Board.
  • In simple terms, the Consent Certificate is a permission certificate issued by the Pollution control board under the relevant provisions of the law. The consent is issued by the Pollution Control Board for operating a factory or a manufacturing unit.
What Is Environmental Management Plan

Why You Need Consent Renewal?

Why You Need Environmental Management Plan
  • Climate change has always been a debatable topic; and manufacturing units/factories are considered the major contributor to this problem.
  • Not just the climate, the rise in pollution-related chronic diseases such as asthma, heart disease, and strokes has also significantly increased. Be it due to contamination of air, drinking water, soil, air, crops, fish, and other resources- the impact on health and the environment needs serious consideration. Any type of manufacturing unit or industry that emits poisonous gases and wastewater has to compulsorily take approval from the Pollution Control Board.
  • As per the Water Act 1974 and Air Act 1981, it is mandatory to obtain Consent to Establish (NOC) from respective State Pollution Control Board before commencement of the construction activities on the site. To seamlessly continue the operations of your manufacturing unit, the renewal of consent plays a crucial role in this process.

Why Choose Anacon Laboratories For Consent Renewal Consultancy Projects

  • The consent terms and conditions entail pollution level and the environmental effort required by organizations to operate a business.
  • We have a professional team who has sound know-how of these acts and help the manufacturers/factory owners in renewing the consent before the expiry of its consent to operate.
  • Since the renewal process needs quick action, our team aids in helping you throughout the process before the expiry of the consent.
  • Further, our consultation helps you with-
  1. Preparation of Application
  2. Evaluate existing Consent to Operate
  3. Analysis of the Case
  4. Filing of Case with MPCB
  5. Obtain Renewed Consent to Operate

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