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What Is Environmental Management Plan

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  • ‘The Environment Management Plan’ is a systematically drawn site-specific plan that aims at controlling pollution with available and affordable technology.
  • Also known as ‘EMP,’ the plan covers the design, construction, operation, and maintenance phases of each project component. It thoroughly recognizes the key environmental issues of the project and creates a strategy and plan for managing the activity effectively. Further, it also defines the legal requirements for the project and identifies the regulatory permits and licenses required for construction activities.
What Is Environmental Management Plan
  • The plan also looks forward to minimizing waste and adopting recycling measures. With the adoption of industry-specific control measures, they are also asked to follow certain guidelines-
    1. Application of Low and Non-Waste Technology in the production process:
      Implementing reuse and recycling technologies to reduce the generation of wastes and to optimize the production cost of the industry.
    2. For sustainable development, the plan analyzes the action that might impact the environment in which it occurs.

Why You Need Environmental Management Plan

Why You Need Environmental Management Plan
  • Setting up an industrial project can adversely affect the surrounding ecosystem. Irrespective of how small or big the project is, the impact created on the environment is damaging and irreversible in most cases.
  • The plan ensures to tackle these issues by setting out commitments from the concerned person who is taking the action on how those impacts will be avoided, minimised, and managed so that they are environmentally acceptable.
  • The plan outlines the potential risk of the project that can adversely impact the environment by recommending corrective measures and distributing roles and responsibilities to the associated stakeholders.

Why To Choose Anacon Laboratories For Environmental Management Plan

  • At Anacon Laboratories, we ensure that the site-specific plans are developed in an environmentally sustainable condition where all project stakeholders, contractors and subcontractors (including consultants) are capable enough to understand the potential environmental risks emerging from the proposed project.
  • Further, we take appropriate actions to see if the activities are carried out in accordance with the design by taking appropriate mitigative actions to reduce adverse environmental impacts during its life cycle.
  • We also assess ‘The Environmental Management Plan Guidelines,’- the guidelines that aim to provide guidance to stakeholders that are preparing environmental management plans for environmental impact assessments and approvals under Chapter 4 of the EPBC Act.
  • The documents includes guidance on:
  1. General principles for the preparation of an environmental management plan.
  2. Content of an environmental management plan;
  3. Evaluating risk; and
  4. Format of submissions.

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