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Featured Services

ANACON provides Analytical support for providing tailormade solutions for specific requirements.

ANACON being committed to providing the large spectrum of facilities under one roof undertakes various assignments related to following area & many more.

    • Toxicity testing of toys
    • Leachate Studies of Solid waste
    • Hydrogeological Studies
    • Mine Projects
    • Satellite Imagery
    • Environmental Audit
    • Safety Evaluation studies of Food Products
    • Safety Evaluation studies of Cosmetic/Personal Care Products
    • Raw Materials Quality Assessment
    • Finished Products Quality Assessment
    • Water Audits
    • Water Quality Monitoring & Surveillance
    • BioAssays
    • Analytical Method Developments
    • Method validations
    • Testing services for Construction materials
    • Testing services for Road Marking Paints
    • Testing services for Pesticides in Agri Products
    • Testing services for Petroleum & Liquid fuels
    • Analysis of Allopathic, Homeopathic & Ayurvedic Medicines
    • Detection of Metals in Toys
    • Coal Beneficiation studies
    • Proximate & Ultimate analysis of Coal
    • Gross & Net Calorific /Heat value of Fuels
    • Heat capacity measurements
    • Microbial induced corrosion
    • Evaluation of Quality of Homecare Products
    • Testing of Household and Decorative Paints

Consultancy Services

Evaluation of Safety of Cosmetics

Analytical Services

Cement Testing
Chemical Testing
Fuel Testing
Fertilizer Testing
Metal Testing
Mineral/Ore Testing

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