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Need of Soil & Agriculture Utilities Testing Labs In India

Agriculture Soil Testing Lab
  • The quality of input material, in terms of nutrient-rich soil, fertilisers etc, used for enhancing a crop and its yield,form the most crucial part of the farming process- especially for large and commercial agricultural projects that have got tons of agricultural produce to sell. Fertile and nutritious soil provides the necessary nutrients, and water supports the healthy growth of the plant. Fertilizers further provide essential nutrients to the crops, and the regulators help the plant with better growth and flowering& fruition.
  • A garden full of healthy fruit & vegetable-laden trees is the most beautiful site to watch. Such vistas are the result of hard work and nurturing, right from providing proper fertilizer to testing the soil for its acceptable pH
Agriculture Soil Testing Lab

level. The soil samples collected from the agriculture site determines the ‘soil health.’ These parameters determine the good health of a plant, and the results generated from the tests gives us a basis in profitable based agriculture decisions.

Soil Testing Parameters That AreTested At Anacon Laboratories

Agriculture Soil Testing Lab
  • Anacon Laboratories offers a series of tests for soil, water, fertilizer, and plant growth hormone & regulator. Everything and anything that is fed to the plant or the soil plays a crucial role in its development. Therefore, it is very important to check for the following parameters.
  • Soil consists of minerals, organic matter, water, and air; these formations vary in proportion and together play an important role in plant growth. Therefore, the need to study the soils and determine their chemical content and physical characteristics are pertinent.
  • Similarly, for plant growth hormones and regulators, we test for Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinins, Ethylene etc.
  • For fertilizer, we look for the parameters that are classified into the biological, chemical, and physical composition of the soil; and for water, we look for salinity, presence of sodium, and calcium that determines the water infiltration rate.

Soil And Agricultural Testing Services At Anacon Laboratories

We understand the importance of providing proper nutrients to your plants through soil, water, fertilizer, and man-made regulators. Our facility coupled with state of art equipment carries the below-stated tests:

Agriculture Soil Testing Lab

Agricultural Soil

Agriculture soil testing checks the nutrients and pH value in the soil that is ideal for plant growth. The soil testing results provide an accurate assessment of the soil’s fertility, thus helping get an accurate insight into the soil contents, and its chemical and physical parameters.

Agriculture Soil Testing Lab


We test for fertilizer nutrients and provide you a detailed test report that includes qualitative & quantitative analysis and chemical & physical analysis. Our testing lab meets the requirements set by Indian standards, Association of Fertilizer & Phosphate Chemists (AFPC), Association of Analytical Chemists (AOAC).

Agriculture Soil Testing Lab

Testing of plant growth hormones
and regulators

Plant growth hormones and regulators are biochemicals that impact aging, flowering, root growth, fruiting, and other plant conditions. Our test service performs PGR (plant growth regulator) testing and plant growth hormones testing using the cutting edge analytical procedures.

Agriculture Soil Testing Lab

Agriculture Water

AOur agriculture water testing service meets the requirements set by Indian standards.
Pesticide Residue Analysis
Organic and Inorganic Constituents
Total Organic Carbon (TOC analysis)
Water testing as prescribed by IS : 11624.

Why Choose Anacon Laboratories for Soil Testing

  • Anacon Laboratories offersaccurate and comprehensive testing services for soil, water, fertilizer, and plant growth hormones & regulators. Our team of researchers and lab technicians uses the latest methodologies and equipment to produce timely testing solutions.
    The test results generated from our lab gives you an accurate basis for taking agriculture-based decisions. This, in turn, helps you to look for the factors like crop production, protecting the environment from contamination, helping in the diagnosis of plant culture problems, improving the nutritional balance of the soil, crop suitability as per existing soil nutritional profile etc.

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