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What are Rice Fortificants?

  • Rice fortificants are micronutrients such as iron, folic acid, and other B-complex vitamins, vitamin A and zinc, that are added to rice to make it richer in nutrients for the masses to consume.
  • Diets, especially the vegetarian diet lacks certain nutrients that warrant the addition of micronutrients to rice so that the body’s nutritional needs can be met.
  • Fortificants sourced from pharmaceutical companies are added to rice to supplement it with more nutrients.
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Importance of Testing Rice Fortificants

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  • Rice fortification is often considered a cost-effective, culturally appropriate strategy to address micronutrient deficiency in countries with high per capita rice consumption. India being the second-largest consumer of rice is undertaking rice fortification to meet the country’s nutrient and supplementary needs.
  • Rice fortificants play a pivotal role in determining the quality of fortified rice that will be produced. Hence, they need to undergo certain tests to ascertain that they are adequate in nutrients and fit to be combined with rice to make fortified rice.

Testing of Rice Fortificants at Anacon Laboratories

Utmost care needs to be taken when combining rice with rice fortificants. The rice fortificants have to be tested for quality, nutritional value, and dietary suitability. Further, it has to be assessed that the rice fortificants are in tandem with the guidelines of various states and regions.

The testing at Anacon is undertaken by a group of people who are experts in the field. We make sure that the testing is done with sincerity, honesty, and without bias. We deliver results on time without compromising on accuracy and efficiency.

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