+91 - 93732 87475 info@anacon.in
+91 - 93732 87475 info@anacon.in

Environmental Testing and Consultancy

Technological developments all around the world have a strong impact on our everyday life. It makes our life trouble-free and helps us do our everyday activities in a timely and more efficient manner. But technology, despite its many advantages, has its own disadvantages too. Anacon’s Environmental Service division has a proven track record of providing its effective Environmental consultancy services, which help reduce the deleterious effects of the Environmental problems. Many Government organizations, Multinational & National Industrial Houses are using Anacon’s Environmental consultancy services to their benefit. Anacon’s Environmental Service division is a team of high-caliber professionals with the appropriate skill-sets and competencies to contribute to the improvement of the environment at large.

Consultancy Services

Impact Assessment
Geology And Hydrogeology Projects
Waste Water Treatment Projects
Satellite Imagery

Analytical Services

Environmental Monitoring
Water Testing
Soil Testing
Biological Testing
Socio-Economic Surveys
Treatability Studies

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