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Need of Water Testing Labs in India

Need of water Testing labs- Main page
  • Water is a natural resource that is available in abundance. Despite its ease in availability and accessibility, it is the quality of water that stands to qualify itself for various needs pertaining to the standards set by the regulatory bodies of India.
  • Owing to its importance in almost all sectors of businesses; water testing, therefore, is a crucial testing procedure for various industries. These industries include steel, cement, power, food and& beverages, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and hospitality. While quality control and determining the potential risk of pollutants is a critical aspect to look into for water testing, the reports generated from the water test also plays a vital role in obtaining licenses and regulatory compliances.
Need of water Testing labs- Main page
  • Water testing especially plays a major role in food & beverage industry of India. As an owner of the food and beverage industry of India, you areit is required to obtain a water testing report from an FSSAI and +NABL accredited laboratory. As a manufacturer of packaged drinking water plants, obtaining the water testing certificate/licence from the Bureau of Indian Standards is a must. These regulatory norms have been put in place by the government to make sure that safe, pure, and hygienic water is used at every step in the production of the final product of the concerned industry.

Parameters Tested For Drinking Water At Anacon Laboratories

At Anacon Laboratories, we provide a complete analysis of water as per different Indian as well as international standards. We analyze the drinking water based on its physical parameters, chemical parameters, and microbiological parameters.

Physical Parameters

  • Dissolved Solids
  • Colour
  • Odour
  • Taste
  • Turbidity
  • Temperature

Chemical Parameters

  • Acidity & alkalinity
  • pH value
  • Total hardness
  • Pesticides residues
  • Organic residues like Polychlorinated Biphenyls
  • Poly aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Lead, arsenic, nitrate and cyanide content

Microbial Parameters

  • E coli
  • Total Coliform

Water Testing Services at Anacon Laboratories

We understand the importance of pure water in accordance with human consumption, agriculture work, or industrial work. Our testing facility having thecoupled with state of art equipment coupled with the highly skilled manpower helps in testing theyour samples of drinking water, wastewater, agriculture water, and construction water.

Water Testing Services

Drinking Water Testing

Our drinking water testing service meets the requirements set by Indian standards.

Water Testing Services

Waste Water Testing

Our waste water testing service meets the requirements set by Indian standards.

Agriculture Water Testing

Agriculture Water Testing

Our agriculture water testing service meets the requirements set by Indian standards.

Water Testing Services

Construction Water Testing

Our construction water testing service meets the requirements set by Indian standards.

Food Testing Labs in India

Water Testing at Anacon Laboratories

Our testing lab has been accredited by NABL and ISO IEC 17025. Further, our lab has been approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards for testing of water to various national and international standards.The dedicated team of professionals offers the highest quality of water testing services and comply with all regulatory laws & guidelines. Every test protocol of ours matches with the standards mentioned by the concerned authorities.

Water Testing Certifications We provide

Water Testing Services

PackagedDrinking Water as per IS:14543

Water Testing Services

Packaged Natural Mineral Water as per IS:13428

Water Testing Services

Drinking Water, Portable & Domestic as per IS:10500

Water Testing Services

Purified Water as per the Indian Pharmacopoeia

Water Testing Services

Industrial Cooling Systems as per IS: 8188

Water Testing Services

Water for Boilers as per IS:10496

Water Testing Services

Water for process food industry as per IS:4251

Water Testing Services

Effluent Water IS:3550/ CPCB guidelines

Water Testing Services

Irrigation and Recreation Purpose Water for Swimming pool purpose as per IS:3328

Water Testing Services

Suitability for construction purpose as per IS: 456

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