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Socio-Economic Surveys

Surveys are being conducted by ANACON to determine the Socio-economic status of the study areas.
Conducting a social impact assessment is important for several reasons. In general, it is used to alert the community, including residents and local officials, of the impact and magnitude of the proposed development on the community’s social and economic well-being. The assessment can help communities avoid creating inequities among community groups as well as encourage the positive impacts associated with the development. The impact assessment provides estimates of expected changes in demographics, housing, public services, and even the aesthetic quality of the community that will result from the development. Equally important, the assessment provides an opportunity for diverse community values to be integrated into the decision-making process. Together, these components of the assessment provide a foundation on which decisions about whether to alter or change a proposed development can be made.

    • CSR planning & implementation.
    • Action program for corporates complying with Environmental clearance conditions.
    • Due diligence audits for Environmental clearance.

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