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What Is Socio-Economic Survey

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  • In the name of industrialization, the environment is facing a major setback. Unfortunately though, the impact is not limited to the environment anymore, the tentacles are now clutching the health of human beings, as well.
  • The socio-economic survey aims to provide accurate statistical data that helps in curbing the effects of industrialization. The survey is a study for analyzing the social and economic consequences of the pollutants released during industrial activities. For gaining accurate results, the study is conducted prior to the commencement of the project.
  • Socio-economic survey forms a subset of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) that is mandatory for certain manufacturing and industrial projects in India.
What Is Socio-Economic Survey

Why You Need Socio-Economic Survey

Why You Need Socio-Economic Survey
  • Conducting a social impact assessment is important for several reasons. In general, it is used to alert the community, including residents and local officials, of the impact and magnitude of the proposed development on the community’s social and economic well-being. The assessment can help communities avoid creating inequities among community groups as well as encourage the positive impacts associated with the development.
  • The impact assessment provides estimates of expected changes in demographics, housing, public services, and even the aesthetic quality of the community that will result from the development.
  • Equally important, the assessment provides an opportunity for diverse community values to be integrated into the decision-making process. Together, these components of the assessment provide a foundation on which decisions about whether to alter or change a proposed development can be made.

Why Choose Anacon Laboratories For Socio-Economic Surveys

  • Surveys are being conducted by the team of Anacon to determine the socio-economic status of the study areas. We also conduct CSR planning & implementation and audits for environmental clearance.
  • Our team precisely look into different categories of Project Affected Persons (PAPs) and Project Affected Families (PAFs) on the basis of demographic data such as Sex, Age, Gender, Occupation, Education, Income, Religion, Caste, Language, Marital Status.
  • Through various surveys and processes conducted by our team, viz. Environmental Management Plan, Environment Impact Assessment, Satellite Imagery, our team ensures that your project makes a minimal effect on the environment and human health.

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